A Farmers Market Salad

Now that summer has hit the city and I am dreaming of fall and cooler weather. I am one of a handful of people that like cold weather. Though there are some limitations to winter, you cannot tell me you cannot grill in the winter. 🙂

The one good thing that I like about summer is the Farmers Markets! Yesterday I went out at lunch and figured I would hit the farmers market at Daley Center and found a few tasty tidbits to make a wonderful salad. I also bought a couple of herb plants, basil and oregano. Lots of goodies in the near future.

A Farmers Market Salad Ingredients:
Yellow Zucchini
Green Zucchini
Sweet White Onion
Fresh Mozzarella
Heirloom Tomato
Green Leaf Lettuce
Fresh Basil (optional)
Balsamic Vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I started with rinsing all the veggies, taking the lettuce and dabbing with a paper towel to get most of the excess water off and tearing it into bite size pieces. Cut about half of the zucchini’s and make thin half moon slices and place on top of the lettuce on a plate. Dice about 2 table spoons of the sweet onion and sprinkle over the zucchini. Dice half of a medium heirloom tomato and sprinkle over the plate. Top the salad with either half moon slices of or diced up mozzarella, splash with some balsamic vinegar and drizzle with the EVOO. I topped my salad with some basil that I just tore by hand into bits. Basil makes me think of the cooler days of summer, sitting out on a deck somewhere sipping on a White Grape Basil Refresher cocktail, more on that another time.

This salad is great for you since all the veggies you are consuming are fresh and raw, not to mention it is very low in sodium since you are not adding any salt other then what is already in the cheese and the veggies. The olive oil and vinegar I used have no sodium at all in it.

I know this is simple and not what most readers are use to, but I am slowly starting to get back into cooking mode after an office move and the heat chasing me from the kitchen. I am working on some gluten free recipes for readers that cannot have flour in your diet. Stay tune, I am trying to find resources for what is needed 🙂


About Brandi W.

A simple girl trying to make cooking simpler.
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