Want to know what to do with a whole chicken? Greek it!

Yesterday while doing my usual shopping for lunch and dinner I decided to buy a whole chicken.  I went with the intentions of buying bone-in chicken breasts to make little pocket meals (blog another time) and when I saw the prices i was like eff that.  So for $5.50 I bought a whole Purdue chicken and just rinsed and stuffed.  This, by far, was the easiest thing to come up with while in the store and to make.  i call it Greek chicken because it incorporates some of the ingredients you find in most Greek style dishes.  I love chicken cooked any which way I can, whether it is marinated in some dressing or coated in bread crumbs and fried.  I certainly hope that you find this recipe easy and enjoy it as much as I did last night.

What you will need:
One whole chicken, do not cut!
4 to 6 cloves of garlic, peeled
A handful of fresh Oregano (half of the organic package from Dominick’s)
3 whole lemons
6 to 8 medium russet potatoes
Olive oil
Sea salt

To start, you will want to remove the packet from the center of the bird that holds the giblets and either set those aside in the freezer for making gravy or cook them up as a snack while waiting for the bird to cook.  Rinse the bird inside and out, pat dry with a couple of paper towels inside and out, set aside.

Dice up your potatoes in either spears, bite sized chunks or what ever you feel comfortable doing.  I prefer to leave the skins on, but you can feel free to peel them if you dislike eating it.  Place the potatoes in the bottom of a baking dish and set aside.

Take your bunch of of oregano and the peeled garlic and mince together.  Once it has been minced, add about 2 table spoons of the olive oil and grab your bird.  Stick your hands underneath the skin and begin stuffing some of the herb mixture around the legs, breast and the bottom half of the bird.  Stuff the cavity with the 3 lemons cut in half, place the bird into the baking dish on top of the potatoes and cover with foil.

Place the baking dish into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about an hour.  You want to check the temp on the bird after about 45 to 50 mins.  If the breast is reading at 150, remove the foil and let the bird brown.  Once golden brown and reading a temp of no less then 173, (approximately 10 to 20 minutes) you can remove the bird from the pan and place on the foil you removed from it earlier.  Place the potatoes back into the oven and turn the heat to about 400 to 450 and roast the potatoes till they have turned a nice golden to brown color (approximately 10 to 15 minutes).

Please note that these times are based on a small, regular electric oven.  Temps do not change, but the times might if you are working with a gas or a convection type oven, so please keep checking the temp and do not let it get over 175 since it will continue to cook while the bird rests.  I would recommend that you use a thermometer you can place in the bird while cooking, if you have one.  Otherwise just check the bird every 10 minutes after the first 45 minutes have passed so you do not dry it out.

As always, feel free to contact me through the comments area if you need any help or want to give suggestions 🙂



About Brandi W.

A simple girl trying to make cooking simpler.
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