What is Cupcaqe?

Elke,  I once worked with was looking for a way to put a cake and ice cream together in a fashion that did not require buying the whole cake or waking around with a slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream.  She and her brother spent many days and nights working on the concept and finally invented Cupcaqe.

The concept to Cupcaqe is to make a cupcake that features a bowl or cup like center you can fill with a variety of things from icing, mousse, ice cream or maybe a savory item.  The thoughts that have come to my mind are endless and I am hoping to spread the word to others and get their company off the ground and have many recipes to boot.

For those interested in trying the devices out, it cost just $19.99 for a set of 6 inserts along with 100 cupcake liners.  Not a bad deal for something so creative.  I already know a couple of friends that i will buy this for and have some bake-off’s during the coming months.  Please visit http://www.cupcaqe.com/ and check out the product, the current recipes and how Elke came about the desire to invent Cupcaqe.

I should be getting my set this week and cannot wait to try this “brilliant” product out.  I will be posting everything I make with the Cupcaqe products and hopefully sharing some very easy recipes! Maybe we can get the Cupcaqe product on Rachel Ray and have Elke tell her story there!  WOOT!



About Brandi W.

A simple girl trying to make cooking simpler.
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2 Responses to What is Cupcaqe?

    • Brandi W. says:

      You know, I could buy you a set of 6 and you can create some wonderful goodies from down under and send me the recipes! I will make sure that you are head accountable if no one likes it 🙂

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