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I am not one that likes to talk about myself. Trust me, I am a better listener then many think. I am writing this blog for those that pick up a cookbook and wonder how are they going to make that lobster bisque if they do not have brandy or if they pick something that has 30 ingredients when you can cut it down to 5. Another reason is to share family stories that are connected with the recipes that I have learned and modified over the years from my parents.

I come from a family of restaurant people.Ā  My father was a chef in Chicago for 25+ years and my mother was a waitress for just as long. Though while growing up we were poor, we still had a home cooked meal every day. Some of my recipes are from those days as well as the fruitful days when my dad was the head chef of Binyon’s and the assistant sou chef at the Sheraton Towers when it opened.

My first experience in the kitchen was when I was about 6 or 7 years old and my dad was showing me how to breakdown a whole chicken. He said one day when I am grown up I will find myself a man and cannot order pizza all my life. I did not start cooking till i was in high school and was allowed to make the canned biscuits, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, caked and brownies. Like most things when I was younger, I sucked doing anything at first. My dad gave me the nickname of Brown n’ Burn because whenever i would bake something I had a tendency of burning the first batch. I still do to this day burn a batch of cookies, but I have grown-up so much in my cooking skills that I laugh every time i have to toss out a batch and remember the nickname!

As I got older I depended more on my mom to cook and teach me things since my dad moved to Wisconsin. Later my mom would follow suit and I was left to fend for myself. This was fun and interesting at first, but I later turned to frozen dinners and canned soups. After a few years, acid reflux and 3 boyfriends, a move to Aurora, I decided it was time to put my heart into cooking and impress those I feed. I moved back to Chicago and decided this time I was going to cook more at home and depends less and less on frozen dinners and canned products.

Many of the recipes I will blog about in the coming days are based loosely on my parents cooking, the Food Network shows, being a foodie and trying to cook what I had the other night at some restaurant, as well as just experimenting. Some of the vegetarian dishes i will blog about are items I make for a friend, Jennifer, that is forced to be vegetarian due to a genetic disorder so bare in mind she is the one that has approved these dishes. šŸ™‚ I also practice vegetarianism from time to time during the summer months and vegetables are plentiful.Ā  I am sure my friend Jeanine would love these recipes as well since she is a vegetarian šŸ™‚ Also, a lot of my recipes you will find do not call for a lot of salt or sugars, so keep in mind that as you taste the dishes that you might want to spice it a little more or less depending on your taste and your doctors suggestions. I cook from the heart and sometimes for the heart.

I do hope that you enjoy the stories and find the recipes that I post tasty. I also hope that this blog helps tune in your creative side and share these recipes with myself and the world. If you ever want to guest post, please feel free to submit a recipe along with photos from start to finish. All credit would be given to you as well as a few comments once i have made the dish.



About Brandi W.

A simple girl trying to make cooking simpler.
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